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Advanced Driving Courses Cork

Court Reports

We provide Court reports and advanced driving courses for drivers that have careless or "Dangerous Driving" charges. We have prepared reports for courts on a number of cases.

This is when the judge requests that you do an "Advanced Driving Course" and submit a report. Always engage the services of your solicitor for legal advice.

Become an Advanced Driver

Have you already passed the driving test?
Are you a nervous driver?
Have you had an accident which made you more nervous?
Do you have a weak point in your driving, eg. roundabouts/observations?
Are you an employer who would like to ensure their drivers are safe on the road?

Then why not improve your skills by becoming an Advanced Driver with our Advanced Driver Training Program with a qualified ADI.

Our Advanced Driver Training Program is individually tailored to suit the driver. We help to build confidence in nervous drivers and we help to eliminate nerves which come as part of having an accident. Having an accident, regardless of blame, can knock confidence and sometimes drive people off the road completely. We aim to reinstall the confidence and thus help to put the drivers back behind the wheel!

We also help to eliminate weak points.

Many drivers feel you have to have to have a provisional licence in order to come to a driving instructor, which is not true. Some fully licence drivers have weak points, which they are too ashamed to bring to the attention of an instructor.

Here at Mullane School of Motoring we not only cater for provisional licence holders but also fully licence drivers. So if you have a weak point which you would like help with, no matter how big or small, don't hesitate to call us.

Advanced Driver Training Program for employers

Another part of the Advanced Driver Training Program is for employers.

We will take your employee out on a specifically designed test for one hour to evaluate their driving. We will then give you the results of the test, outlining the faults and weaknesses, if any.

We will then train the employee to an advanced level of driving so that you can have peace of mind whilst your employee is representing you business.