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Pretest Driving Lessons Cork

No car sharing

No passengers allowed in car during lessons

Don’t wait until you get your test appointment,
it may be too late!

Advantages of Pretest assessment
(Prior to confirmation of test date)

* Identify the areas of your driving that need to be improved.
* Can be done in local area.
* No confirmed test date required.
* Plenty of time to practice new skills required for test.
* Busy test route areas avoided initially for the more nervous drivers.

Advantages of Pretest assessment
(Test date confirmed)

* Doughcloyne (Wilton), test routes covered.
* Concise and practical advice given on all aspects of the driving test.
* Constructive tuition to rectify driving faults.
* Lesson progress log updated after each lesson for better lesson continuity.
* Test simulation conducted and marked under test conditions.
* Modern well maintained vehicle available to hire for driving test.

Aspects covered during pretest include:

* Most commonly asked theory questions.
* Technical checks required during test.
* General driving ability.
* Hill starts.
* Reverse around corners.
* Turn About.
* Hand signals.
*Secondary control check.
* Full explanation for testers marking sheet.

Qualified Drivers:

The driving test should not be seen as the final stage in your driving tuition. We offer various opportunities for you to improve and enhance your driving skills, these include:

* Confidence and skills training.
* Hazard perception and awareness.
* Parallel and reverse bay parking.
* Refresher courses.